What to Look for When Choosing Between Online Advertising and Billboards

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 03/17/2011 | Billboard Advertising

Advertising is an essential part of any marketing strategy if a business wants attract potential clients or boost its sales. There are many different options in the advertising industry a company can choose from, however online advertising and billboard are amongst the most popular and probably the most effective. But which one will work best for your business? Obviously the method that will increase your profit and sales.

A closer look at online advertising.

The Internet offers several possibilities as far as online advertising is concerned and is rapidly expanding its potentiality and audience. Advertising with social networks is a new trend which is becoming more and more popular with both the public as potential customers and businesses who realize the potential social networks have for advertising strategies. There are of course the more traditional forms of online advertising using SEO rich content allowing your potential customers to land on your website when searching with Google or other search engines. Classified ads are also another means of online advertising as well as advertising networks. Banners can also attract potential customers as will attractive images present on various web sites.

How do Billboards work for advertising?

Billboards are those large outdoor structures used by companies or organizations wishing to advertise their services or products using large posters placed on boards located in public areas such as roads, streets or buildings. They are usually placed in location with a high density of traffic, both pedestrian and motorized. Billboard can be mobile, mechanical or digital according to a business specific needs. You can show three types of advertisements on mechanical rotating billboards or again use special computer software to pass a promotional message with a more sophisticated billboard. There are also mobile billboards placed on bans or trucks that drive around showing the advertisement wherever they go, these can be either printed billboards or digital images.

If you have to choose between online advertising and billboards this will depend on your business niche and whether on or the other or even both will work for you. If you are going to invest in one form of advertising you will need to choose the one that is likely to give you the biggest exposure.

Small businesses that intend to reach a wider audience although less in number may opt for online advertising which is more cost-effective. Billboards can be expensive but will definitely generate customers as they reach a large audience all day long and at night time.

However online advertising also works 24 hours a day as people can view your ad whenever they wish to. It is important to choose the right kind of online advertising strategy to make sure people are actually looking at your ad and landing on your webpage. You can actually gauge the traffic you are receiving to find out if your online advertising is working.

In conclusion, your choice will lie in how much you can invest on advertising, bearing in mind that your investment must provide you with a turnover in clients.