How Do Electronic Billboards Work?

By Brown Articles Published 03/17/2011 | Billboard Advertising

With all the different advertising methods available nowadays it is relatively easy to target potential customers, what is not easy is to get them to purchase what you are trying to sell. This is what electronic billboards can help you achieve.

Billboards have been used for years now as an effective way of advertising products and services and despite the advent of online advertising strategies they still hold strong. However, billboards too are improving as with the electronic era and have developed into electronic billboards.

This new concept for billboards has developed with the aim of attracting potential customers attention for a longer time span. There have been studies which have demonstrated that electronic billboards are more than six times more effective than traditional billboards, which remain static. The promotional message on traditional billboards remains the same and a fixed image, while the electronic billboard changes the image and message of the advert rendering the advertisement more interactive.

The cost of these types of billboard essentially depends on where they are located and will be a cheaper form of advertising investment than an advertising campaign based on TV, radio or direct mailing. It will also be cheaper than newspaper advertisements, so all things considered it is a cost-effective method of advertising even though the initial cost may be substantial, and it will quickly pay back in actual sales. Newspaper ads just get looked over quickly and most of the direct mail you send gets chucked in the rubbish anyway. Electronic billboards however, have a definite impact on their audience therefore leave a mark of curiosity about the product or service they are looking at.

A study on different kinds of billboards has proven that while less than fifty percent of people that have passed a traditional remember having noticed it but not the advertisement that was on it, more than ninety percent remember having seen an electronic billboard and also the message it was trying to convey. The result of this study speaks for itself and on the impact electronic billboards really have and their potential as an advertising tool.

The advertisements on electronic billboards usually run in intervals of every three minutes, five to seven or ten to eleven and you can have different rotating ads in one group. You can usually have a rotating billboard for a period of three to four months with a signed agreement or just for one weeks advertising without any agreement necessary. This obviously depends on the space available.

Electronic billboards seem to be able to retain the publics attention as opposed to other forms of billboards and indeed TV or radio advertising strategies, which are expensive and last just a few minutes even though they do reach out to a large number of potential clients. If you find your sales are not what you would like them to be, trying an electronic billboard as an advertising strategy may be the solution for your business.