How Much Does Billboard Advertising Really Cost?

By Brown Articles Published 03/17/2011 | Billboard Advertising

If you are searching for a relatively inexpensive way of advertising your products or services then billboards may be a good solution for you. Billboards are visible to the public all the time, which means they are a comparable to any other form of media and sometimes are even better. Every day thousands of people can see your billboard and therefore returns in your sales and probable new clients is inevitable.

There are many forms and styles for billboards depending on the kind of service or product you wish to promote. The first billboards were hand painted, but know fortunately for us they are designed and created on with specific computer software. Nowadays a lot of time and money is saved with these new programs and you can have a professional create practically any design and have it printed on vinyl or other special paper you may require. You can then go ahead and glue it to a board where it will receive maximum exposure.

The standard types of billboards are known as poster panels, these are printed ads that are directly glued on a hard frame. These methods of advertising can last at least a couple of months and will are cost-effective. The billboards that are prepared on vinyl paper and then put on a bulleting billboard will last for over a year but the costs are higher. You will therefore have to consider the costs of the material and returns you will have for extended exposure.

Next you will have to decide where to put your billboard advertisement, for this decision is obviously a crucial one. If you do not own a property on which you can place your billboard, you will have to obtain a lease agreement from the owner. You will then have to obtain specific permits from governing bodies. However, if you wish to avoid this complicated detour, you can always obtain a space from an outdoor advertising agency, at a price of course.

You will need to take the maintenance of the billboard in consideration and take into account that certain areas in the city will not allow you to place billboards that are larger than specific measurements. If you chose to sign an agreement with an outdoor advertising agency they will help you with issues of size limits and may also offer a rotating solution for your ads so they are placed in different areas allowing for a larger public.

Your promotional message on the billboard should be brief and eye catching, without too much detail that is hard to remember. Although billboards are just one advertising solution they serve the purpose of advertising products extremely well considering the overall costs of the final product and the expenses that go with it.