Some Excellent Ideas for Promotional Advertising

By Brown Articles Published 03/24/2011 | Advertising Specialties & Promotional Ads

If you want your business to be successful you obviously need to apply some sort of promotional advertising to attract your potential customers, you need to persuade them that your products or services are excellent and well worth spending money on.

With well targeted promotional advertising you can increase credibility and visibility for your business, improve your image and increase sales. Here are some excellent ideas from which to choose to advertise your business in the right market niche with a professional touch.

Newsletters are particularly adapted for banks and business consultants for through a well created newsletter you can show people how much you are familiar with your field of expertise, as long as you are concise and easy to understand.

Displays or demos can attract the public to you and your business. You can use displays or demos to show people how your products work efficiently. Bringing people to our establishment will improve credibility and attract crowds. If you sell meat, fish or fresh products such as pasta and cheeses you can attract quite a crowd by having a chef demonstrate how to prepare a certain recipe. Give out free recipe cards for your potential clients so they can try the recipe at home after having bought your products. These demos can work for refurnishing shops, clothes shops, computer shops any retailer who can put up a demo, exhibition or show to attract clients and increase potential sales.

Competitions or contests are also great for attracting crowds. Your first step will be to inform the public that you are organizing some kind of contests by releasing an announcement through the local newspaper and personally invite your regular customers. Once you have done that try and get people who are in your market niche to judge the contest, so that it becomes quite an event then offer a prize from one of the products you sell. Competitions can be of any kind depending what your business deals with, from cooking contests to design contests there is much to choose from.

Seminars are ideal for business to business related marketing, where you can demonstrate your services publically by proposing a schedule that will suit your potential customers, specifying clearly when the seminar begins and how long it will last and who will attend. Once you have sent out the invitation it is a good idea to call each person to check whether or not they will attend. Charging a reasonable price for the seminar will add value to it, so do not hesitate to fix a price.

Speeches are also effective for you might talk in locations such as trade associations, parent groups or other local organizations; this again will depend in which market niche your business lies.

Another advertising specialty is a premium, which is a freebie that you can offer your clients for their fidelity. There is a wide range of products you can offer starting from pens, t-shirts, key chains anything useful that will remind people of your business and act as promotional advertising for your company.