All You Need to Know about Billboard Advertising

By Brown Articles Published 03/24/2011 | Billboard Advertising

Although billboard advertising is one of the oldest forms of promoting products or services it is still one of the most effective means to get your promotional message over to the public. Outdoor billboards come in all sizes depending on what kind of exposure you are looking for and of course your budget limit. The sheer size, color and design of some billboards are enough to catch peoples attention. Of course, the more clever the design and promotional message on the billboard, the more potential clients it is likely to attract.

When choosing outdoor billboards for your advertising propaganda you can select various sizes, ranging from 5'x11', 12'x24', to 14'x48'. You can find these more commonly in digital, hand-painted or digitally printed versions. Your next step will be to place them in strategic areas, such as highways, streets with major traffic or crossroads.

You have an amazing selection when creating billboards and can produce some very eye catching advertisements. The techniques used are to print texts and images on vinyl ranging from low tech to high tech methods. Hand-painted billboards are also very attractive if you are looking for something artistic or you may choose digital and inkjet printing if you want to add photos or images to your billboard.

If you are sure you are going for outdoor billboard advertising the next step you will have to take is find a company qualified to produce a top quality product. There are many you will just have to shop about according to your budget and what you find out about the companys qualification and the guarantees they will give you. Small and large businesses both benefit from billboard advertising, more so if they are in the clothing, food or car industry.

The final costs of your billboard will depend on various factors, notably size, type of billboard and location. You may choose to either rent or buy the place where you intend to place your billboard; the cost may vary between 4,000 and 6,000 per month. Find out about the locations and possible restrictions before you have your billboard made.

Just keep in mind that outdoor billboards are amongst the most powerful forms of advertising and will have your product or service constantly exposed to the public, thus attracting a terrific amount of potential clients. Imagine how many people will be looking at your ad while waiting in the traffic or for the lights to change at a crossroad. If you can get those eye catching images and clever promotional messages on your billboard you are half way to having acquired another client.

So, whichever type of outdoor billboard you intend to have created, keep in mind that your message is crucial as well as the images and colors. Your promotional message should be short and concise and the colors you choose should be clearly visible from a distance. Take time to do some research work as to the location you should choose for your billboard, for it is important to target the type of customer interested in your product or service.