How Aerial Advertising is Gaining on Other Advertising Strategies

By Brown Articles Published 03/31/2011 | Aerial Advertising

Aerial advertising is gaining rapidly on other forms of advertising and nowadays offers more services than ever. It is catching up with the impact other forms of advertising have on the public and new strategies are proving to be incredibly effective on drawing attention to businesses that choose aerial advertising as their marketing strategy.

Aerial advertising rates greatly depend on what kind of advertising options you are going for. There are various services available that include the creation of a banner customized for your business needs and the number of hours a plane will be flying your advertising banner and the location over which the plane has to fly.

An aerial advertising company may charge you for the entire creation of the banner and materials or may ask you to pay for the banner work depending on a square foot basis. The size of the banner will also determine the final costs of aerial advertising as will the distance flown. Some other issues you will have to consider is, whether the billboard or banner will be in the air during a peak time range or season. A peak season will be when the holiday breaks are in full swing and when there are major events happening in the location your banner will be flown over. The more people are congregated in a specific area the higher the costs of your aerial advertising will be.

If you become a faithful customer you will generally have the benefit of good discounts or deals and you will find that if you are satisfied with a particular aerial advertising company you will not want to change once you have found a good option. Aerial advertising companies will also be pleased to offer you good prices for you will be in turn supplying good word of mouth advertising yourself, as aerial advertising is not that popular compared to media advertising.

Another aspect to consider when using aerial advertising is the weather. This obviously plays a very important role in the success of your advertising strategy, as the clearer the weather the more effective your flying banners or billboards will be. If you want your banner to be noticed clearly and target the public they will need to have a clear one hundred percent vision. You will need to discuss these issues with the aerial advertising company and find out how organized they are with the weather report system and if they receive regular updates to be able to plan and organize better advertising flight strategies.

Rain can be a nuisance and may also stop the flight of your banner. So make sure the advertising company does not fly your banner behind clouds and in rainy weather! Usually if the advertising company is serious you will not have this kind of incident occur, but you never know, so keep on the lookout the first few times.