Some Well Kept Secrets About Aerial Advertising

By Brown Articles Published 03/31/2011 | Aerial Advertising

If you have already heard about aerial advertising and know it has something to do with a banner flown by an airplane then you still do not know all the secrets behind aerial advertising. There is a lot more to aerial advertising than a banner flying across the sky. You will be surprised at how effective aerial advertising really is and once you have discovered some well kept secrets you will become a real fan of this advertising strategies.

The first important issue to understand is that aerial advertising is not at all as costly as most people think it is. Most of us think that as airplanes are costly to fly then consequently so will the advertising be. But have you really considered the costs of all the other forms of advertising such as newspaper ads, TV commercials and billboards just to name a few?  If you compare the costs of aerial advertising with the latter mentioned advertising methods you will find that aerial advertising costs 50 cents per thousand prospects, while for a TV commercial you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Few of us actually realize the potential aerial advertising has, but it is in fact the most attention grabbing form of advertising there is. It has been statistically proven that aerial advertising is remembered by people for a longer period compared to other types used habitually. Literally, the media and other forms of advertising are no match whatsoever to aerial advertising when it comes to visual impact of promotional messages.

Studies were carried out on people having seen an aerial ad and they were asked specific questions. Nearly ninety percent recalled the airborne banner after more than thirty minutes from its passage, eighty percent even remembered the name business proposing the product or service and nearly seventy percent remembered what the promotional message was, having given their full attention to the banner.

Aerial advertising takes the lead as an attention grabbing and long lasting ad. Other forms of advertising strategies offer advantages but also have a downside on the way they influence the public or on the impact a certain message has on them. On TV ads people may simply change channels and never even see the ad you spent so much on, or in newspapers skip the page where you ad has been published. When an airplane passes overhead most people look up because of the engine buzz and will notice the banner trailing behind.

Aerial advertising is the best kept secret of the marketing strategies and is seriously competing with the other classic forms of advertising. Its cost-effectiveness is blatant and if you target your public and have the plane fly over carefully selected areas with a promotional message that will have an impact on potential clients, then aerial advertising is the best choice for your business success.