What You Need to Know About Aerial Advertising

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 03/31/2011 | Aerial Advertising

What is advertising really? Well, advertising is the carrying of a promotional message to potential customers and introducing them with your product or service as well as presenting them with all the advantages and benefits they will obtain once they have purchased it. With a good advert you have to convince potential buyers that your product or service is above the others. An effective advert will attract potential customers and increase your sales.

Amongst the many types of advertising strategies available nowadays aerial advertising is the most cost-effective of them all and offers a unique form of advertising your products or services with a new approach.

Aerial advertising or airplane advertising is an original and effective way to advertise your business by having an airplane fly over specific areas with an advertising banner trailing behind. Banners are custom designed for you as per your specific requirements, which usually have your business logo and a short but strong promotional message printed on the length of the banner.

Although aerial banners do not include specific details about your products or services they are made to have an impact on potential consumers and are attention grabbing. Statistically, whether your promotional message is a page long or three words long, people will only browse it quickly and their attention can be claimed for a mere 15 seconds. So the impact of your message is fundamental, it must be short and eye catching.

The size of aerial banners is approximately 30 feet high and 90 feet long, but could be smaller or larger depending on your budget and need. These can be custom made to fit your requirements and created with computer software to have a maximum definition quality. Creating a billboard may take up to two weeks, so consider this time span if you are in a hurry to start your advertising campaign.

Most people have preconceptions about the costs of aerial advertising, but this is in fact a mistake, for the actual cost is 50 cents per thousand prospects, which is much cheaper than any other type of traditional advertising. Aerial advertising attracts over 90 percent of the public and its impact on potential consumers is very high as opposed to other types of ads.

The important issue in aerial advertising is to create a unique and eye catching banner or billboard with vivid colors that will attract peoples attention immediately. Your message should be short and have an impact, with just enough text to get the message across.

It is important to choose a company that is well equipped for all issues concerning aerial advertising. The creation of banners, the logistics, the planes and updated weather reports should all be a main issue with the company in order for the aerial advert to be a success.