How to Advertise Effectively Following Ten Successful Steps

By Brown Articles Published 03/31/2011 | Newspaper Advertising

Nowadays people erroneously think that the print media has become obsolete and therefore concentrate their advertising strategy solely on the Internet media. Newspapers and magazines are still going strong with a large part of the public, especially those who have a higher income. Hence advertising in newspapers and magazines will attract potential clients who have the money to spend, while those on the Internet are usually younger with smaller incomes.

However, if you do choose to advertise in newspapers keep in mind that, as you are spending money to get your ad printed, you should make the most of it by maximizing its exposure and potential. Follow these effective strategies to make the most of your newspaper advertisement.

Go for regional newspapers or bigger, for although you can start with local newspapers the returns are usually a letdown. National or regional papers do not necessary charge exorbitant sums for advertising, so do not jump this step.

Pick the right day of the week to place your ad in the newspaper depending on the type of customers you plan to attract. As an example on Mondays most men buy the newspapers to check the sports section while on Saturdays advertising is cheaper as fewer businesses advertise on that day.

Make sure that you are given a good placement. Avoid submitting an order for your ad without verifying where your ad will be placed. Check that it is placed near another feature that is popular hence will attract attention to your advertisement.

Many newspapers will propose to write and prepare your ad and it is best to refuse. Hire a professional writer to do the work for you, this will make your ad stand out from the other newspaper designed ads that usually have no impact whatsoever on the public you wish to attract.

Color is the key attraction. Although it may cost extra, it is well worthwhile to spend a little more in return for an attention grabbing advertisement.

A good headline will make your ad. People usually just browse the newspapers; this is why your headline is fundamental. An eye catching headline will attract the public and arouse their curiosity to read further. It is also important you use the space you have paid for appropriately. Add interesting and useful detail for readers to stay hooked. Do not cram useless words together but get your message out effectively and make it good.

Keep in mind that newspaper ads do not generate immediate response; this is why you will have to be patient before gauging the returns. Be persistent when placing your newspaper ads and remember that people need to see your ad more than once before they act on it and make a move.

You may find it profitable for your returns to place ads in several different newspapers at once as you cannot really know for sure which newspaper will work for the kind of public you are trying to attract. So try out a few different ones and see what returns you get in terms of potential clients.