How to Make Your Radio Advertising a Success

By Brown Articles Published 03/31/2011 | Radio Advertising

Funnily enough there are many contrasting opinions on radio advertising depending on which business you ask. Some will tell you that advertising is a great investment as a marketing strategy while others will say it is a waste of money.

So why does it work for some and for others not? Simply because for radio advertising to be successful you have to know how to implement it correctly and that is what most business tend to neglect. If you follow some predetermined steps and keep to these you will find that radio advertising is indeed very effective for generating new customers.

The first step to take is to find out who your prospective customers are likely to be. You can do this by looking back on your previous sales or simply because your products or services are aimed at a particular demographic category. Once you have an extensive data base of information on your target customers you can then move on to determining where you can find them. If you know exactly whom you have to target, then your half way through a successful advertising campaign.

Your second step will be to find out which radio stations your potential customers are listening to. Each radio station plays different music types which are chosen in turn by a particular demographic group. Obviously if you live in a big city you have some work on your plate, but it is worthwhile researching thoroughly in order not to waste your promotional message on an audience that is not in the least interested in your products or services.

Your third step will be to work out the budget you need for advertising on particular radio stations. If you do not know where to start, try contacting an advertising agency who will be more up to date on the price range you may have to pay. You may also start contacting the radio stations directly to ask them for an estimate. This too may be tedious work but it is a must if you want to make your radio advertising cost-effective. A qualified advertising agency may negotiate a better price for the advertising but will also have to be paid for their service, so it is up to you to decide according to your budget.

Your fourth step is to create a promotional message that will have a strong impact on those listening to the radio. Your message can be exceptional but fall flat if you do not place it strategically. Some radio stations run five to six adverts at the same time in order to have longer music sessions, but this is not good for your radio ad. Make sure you choose a good spot during the radio broadcasting so that your message stands out. Keep in mind that the first radio ad people hear in a list of more than three will be the one they are most likely to remember.

The last step will be to assure a consistent and repetitive message throughout a period of time. It is no good advertising on the radio if you do not send your ad on the air on a long term basis, it just will not work. So if you cannot afford to repeat your ad regularly then forget radio advertising.