Call Tracking as a Tool For Magazine Advertising

By Brown Articles Published 04/8/2011 | Magazine Advertising

Call tracking is one of the key tools to be used when implementing magazine advertising, especially in an advertising campaign that involves more than one ad. It is a system that gauges the rate of success each magazine ad has achieved and it is crucial if you need to know which ad is working and why.

Call tracking is a system that works well for both new comers and marketing experts and gives a business a very clear idea as to how their advertising strategy is working. It provides exact data and statistics from which precise conclusions can be drawn. This system also works well in providing checks on the quality control and customer service, thus providing an excellent platform by which to improve your sales. This essential data can help you get the most from your magazine advertising and reap the best possible results as far as customers are concerned.

When you start placing more than one ad in the various magazines it will be useful to know which one is working best or to get the value for the money spent. By using the call tracking system you place a unique tracking number on each different ad, so you can follow its performance and see if it is doing as well as it should be. You will be able to find out who responded to a particular magazine ad, when a potential customer made the call, how long for and the area code or state from which the call was made. You will also be able to calculate which the heaviest call times are as well as return on investment and cost per call.

Another great advantage with call tracking is that you can also gauge the level of performance and its quality. You can actually find out how a magazine is dealing with your ad and how well it is being represented and handled.

The system will record all conversations as well as the length of the phone calls and how well each advertising team is doing with the potential customers calling. It is important you know exactly how well your sales team is performing and dealing with potential customers while you are launching your advertising campaign.

Call tracking is really worth investing in, although it may be slightly more expensive than the 800 number service, as it will track in detail and help you boost your magazine advertising. With call tracking you have more specific and detailed information and data reporting in real-time as well as tracking of each call. You will find that once you master this tracking system for your magazine advertising you will also be able to optimize your advertising strategy to generate more business. You will able to focus your magazine ads to those magazines that generate a larger response and a greater number of likely customers.