How to Get Advertising for Your Magazine

By Brown Articles Published 04/8/2011 | Magazine Advertising

If you are planning to launch a new title in the magazine world as a publisher then you may want to consider hiring an independent magazine sales representative. This kind of service will no doubt provide a successful start for your magazine, although there are some issues to consider before you do decide to hire a sales representative.

First of all, it may be useful to know exactly what the role of a sales representative is. A sales representative sells or solicits advertising and has specific responsibilities and obligations. However, before you do decide whether you want a sales representative for advertising your magazine it is important to be aware of both the advantages and the disadvantages.

By hiring a sales representative you can insure a regular revenue base and you do not need to make any down payments or very little amounts if the case be. When you hire a sales representative you will be offering a percentage of the total sales he or she will be generating for your magazine. He or she will be helping you launch your new magazine business venture by minimizing the initial expenses.

The advantage of hiring an external advertising representative is that you will not need to pay all the expenses a full-time sales staff will cost you. This includes salary, medical service, social service and other related costs. Another advantage is that a magazine sales rep is likely to already have active relationships with other advertisers and media buyers, while you are probably new to the industry and have less knowledge than a magazine sales rep would have.

A sales representative can get some excellent advertising for your new magazine fairly rapidly and can gauge whether your concept is marketable or not. Chances are if your magazine will not sell, the rep you contact will not even answer your calls. It may also be important to seriously consider the reason why a magazine sales representative is not answering your calls, for in most cases this may be a signal that your magazine may not be of good commercial value.

It is important to understand that new magazines face quite a challenge and that a representative has to be offered a generous incentive if you want to hire one, as he or she also faces the challenge to work hard at launching the new magazine. It is also essential to provide sufficient and proper selling tools so that your representative can offer you the best and effective advertising strategies. These tools include at least a professional kit with pre-established marketing research and precise demographical information to help them proceed. This is the strict minimum they will require, without which you cannot expect to hire a magazine advertising representative.