Top Tips to Maximize Your Advertising Strategy and Reduce your Expenses

By Brown Articles Published 04/8/2011 | Magazine Advertising

Magazine advertising can be expensive if you do not know where to look for the good deals. This is why discounted space can really help you save money when wanting to advertise in magazines. You can find these discounted spaces in most magazines, for even though most of them are national issues they have regional sections for advertising. Here you can advertise your business at discount prices, while focusing on smaller target area. Each magazine has its specific rules as far as regional sections are concerned, so you will have to contact those that you are more suitable for your market niche.

It is also important to know that all magazine advertising rates can be negotiated, although the fact remains that advertising agencies can get you a better price for the space you wish for on the magazine. This does not mean you cannot do it on your own if you know what to ask for. Ask what special rates there are for multiple insertions, remnant space and advertorial considerations with paid display. Often remnant space can be had for very cheap prices, for this is space that the magazine has not been able to sell in due time and it is in the magazines interest to sell all the space available.

It is always important to negotiate your advertising space on magazines, especially if your are signing a contract for multiple issues. Another good way to get cheap prices is to check a magazines editorial calendar to see if there is any chance of your product or service fitting in with one of their subject matters in a particular issue. You can fit in your advertisement together with their advertorial and propose a special price to the readers for a limited time, thus providing the magazine with a good image and securing your advertisement within the issue for a good price.

You can also ask for special placements if you go for multiple insertions. The way you place your magazine advertisement is of course strategic, so if you can get an option such as a third left or right side of page, or a color ad instead of a black and white one all the better.

Reader Response Cards are survey cards placed at the back of magazines that readers fill out and that give more information on the readers, which is in turn very useful for advertisers. Here you can get some useful information on the readers and what they are looking for.