Is Magazine Advertising a Good or Negative Strategy

By Brown Articles Published 04/8/2011 | Magazine Advertising

Although nowadays there are plenty of media forms for advertising such as the Internet, radio, television and direct mailing, magazine advertising remains very effective as an advertising strategy. The impact that magazine advertising has on the public has been gauged by the way readers remember having seen the ad in the magazine.

If you want a magazine advertisement to leave a real mark on the readers you should consider five key points for its success.

         The ad must appeal to your potential customers

         It  has to be attention grabbing

         The ad must persuade people to buy your product or services

         It must communicate the core of the message

         An ad has to be real, that is people must believe it possible

Apparently researchers have found that people reading magazines remember an advertisement according to its quality and not to its frequency. An appealing and visually attractive ad will retain readers attention for longer. Not only is the quality of the magazine ad important, but the credibility and its power to persuade.

There are specific market niches where magazine advertising is more effective, such as pharmaceutical products and services or apparel, for readers are naturally attracted to these products when reading magazines. The most popular magazines are more often dedicated to the fashion and cosmetic world; hence apparel pharmaceutical products are of greater interest to readers.

If the magazine ads are to be effective, it is important people enjoy the magazine and like the way it is illustrated and the content it offers. It has also been found that monthly or yearly subscribers to a particular magazine will in fact not be as attracted by these products as much as those who purchase a magazine at a newsstand to read it while traveling or away from home.

When placing an ad in a magazine it is important to research the market thoroughly and target your audience. Consider the magazine genres and the type of readers likely to purchase that particular magazine. It is important to note how these categories of readers will relate to different product types.  

Magazine advertising should also focus more on the length of a publication or secondary reader base. The more conventional forms of advertising such as strategic position, frequency of the readership and placement of the ad are no longer as important as it was once thought. For an effective form of magazine advertising, nowadays newer conditions should be sought, such as the readers engagement and the quality of the advertisement.