How Does Television Advertising Compete with Internet Advertising

By Brown Articles Published 04/8/2011 | Television Advertising

Television advertising is a traditional advertising method but it is still going strong and must not be underestimated when advertising for your business. Although the Internet is giving a tough time to television advertising the latter is still very popular with consumers and potential customers.

There are obvious advantages when using the Internet as opposed to TV advertising the first obvious one being the costs. While you can have cheap advertising tools on the Internet, TV advertising prices can be very expensive if you do not choose the right formula and take advantage of special promotions that can be had during certain times of the year.

Now the internet is seriously competing with the TV advertising with supports such as YouTube and MySpace and other social networks, which offer similar supports and broadcasting tools.

The Internet never stops broadcasting and advertising and that happens all over the world non-stop. This is something TV advertising cannot compete with. Online advertising works around the clock, with twenty-four hour chat services and forums, which cost very little to implement and keep in working order. This kind of service is known as outsourced assistance, which is a service that works for your business night and day. You can even find more complex forms of advertising spaces and the latest promotions available.

You may if you wish book special advertising spaces with television and have it put on air on special days and periods or even on certain hours. This of course will depend on the availability and the costs the television is proposing. Some slots during certain hours of the day can be very expensive.

Not only will you be able to advertize at any hour of the day with Internet, you also have the possibility to log in and check or change any results that your marketing has originated. There is so much more freedom with Internet advertising as opposed to TV advertising that it is no wonder online marketing has become so popular.

You will also need to target a specific potential customer and you can do this easily online by getting a conversion from buyers to visitors. Television advertising has a more complex system and it will take you longer to create and implement a television ad strategy than it will for an online ad.

With television ads you need time to create a good quality advertisement, for you will need to hire a special voice adapted to the ad or even hire an actor to voice your ad. Internet needs no such think it is straightforward advertising and will take up less time and money.

Having looked at both options that internet advertising and TV advertising can give you it is easy to realize that online advertising comes out as the winner. Just think of all the people that can see your advertisement and for as long as they wish.