The Advantages and Disadvantages of Television Advertising

By Brown Articles Published 04/8/2011 | Television Advertising

TV advertising has always been one of the favorites for advertising a business as it has a strong component of video and audio supports that allows a promotional message to have a definite impact on the public. It has an advantage over all other media such as newspaper, magazine and radio supports.

Statistically people spend nearly five hours watching TV each day as it is one of the most popular pastimes. For this reason too, TV advertising is extremely effective as a strategy for it still remains the most sought after media support. It is also true that because it is one of the most attention-grabbing supports it is also the most expensive as far as advertising is concerned.

There are several important steps to take before proceeding with the actual advertisement on the television. First of all a thorough market research must be conducted to see how potential consumers may react to certain products or services. Next, consider the category of people likely to be interested in order to create an appropriate advertisement.

Animated advertisements are generally very much appreciated and can run for longer as well as be transformed in a mini-series. These types of ads influence potential customers and really grab their attention. Although they may not generate instant sales they have a strong impact and effectively persuade consumers to purchase the product or services.

TV influences a large number of people, both on a regional and a national scale in just a few seconds, conveying the promotional message with great supports including sound, video and action. TV channels including network channels and independent stations can also be used, with the advantage that the costs will be inferior.

When the advertisement is aimed at certain categories of people, such as children, young people and housewives, these can be put through specific channels during particular time spans, in order to target the right kind of audience.

Television advertisements allow the interested party the luxury of creativity that can produce an advert of great impact, which is a great advantage if you wish to attract new customers and increase sales.

There are disadvantages, notably the costs of advertising on TV. The advertisements are only run for a few seconds and have to be repeated many times before they are effective. These TV ads can at times be puzzling and do not really inform the audience correctly. They must be creative if you want people to remember them. People tend to doubt the authenticity of the promotional message in TV ad, hence not buy the product. TV ads are not easy to correct or change unlike other media ads. When you are creating a TV ad there are a lot of people involved in the process, such as scriptwriters, actors, video editors and more, this can make the process tedious and lengthy.

Television advertisements have both advantages and disadvantages. You will have to consider the odds and see if the disadvantages are irrelevant with respect of the disadvantages for you personally.