How Direct Mailing Can Help You Boost Your Business Marketing Strategy

By Brown Articles Published 04/14/2011 | Direct Mail

Direct mailing is one of the most effective advertising techniques that keeps up pace with the more modern forms of todays advertising strategies. However, this form of advertising can be very expensive this is why you should study it in depth before you start creating and implementing your direct mailing campaign.

Here are a few tips that can help you learn the secrets of direct mailing and how to use this advertising strategy to its full advantage.

First of all it is important to realize that before direct mailing can have any effect at all you will need to send off at least three to five pieces of direct mail before you can expect any sort of return. You may even have to send off double that amount, so patience is a must. If you want a positive response you really must target your direct mail accordingly, by creating a mailing list that focuses on categories of people that are more likely to be interested in your products or services.

You can have specialized agencies create highly targeted direct mail lists or ever rent one that has common key points to yours. As soon as you have a comprehensive list you can start creating a headline that has a strong impact on your potential clients. Use a headline that has an impact on your audience. If you create a strong headline and good content for your direct mailing you can hope to receive a response of about three to five percent.

You need to do some research work and find out what your potential customers are interested in. You can do this by using a poll system, as you do not want to waist mail and advertising on an audience who does not find your product or service of any interest.

It is a better idea to use postcard instead of letters for direct mailing as they can be produced easily and quickly as opposed to letters. You will also need less content and can save quite a bit on printing and paper. You will also be saving postage expenses and can mail more pieces at once.

It is also important to set up a system that will help you track and gauge all inquiries on each mailer. When you have enough information on when the inquiries are arriving, you can determine how effective each direct mailing you sent off is.

You can use a sales process that works in two steps. The first step relates to the inquiries and all the information your potential clients will be wanting and with the second step you can move on to more vigorous advertising and trying to make sales.

Use a two-step sales process. Get them first to raise their hand by making an inquiry and then you take over and do a more rigorous qualification after that. If you create direct mails with date limits, this will stimulate your potential clients to respond quickly so you are sure to get your answers on a short term time span.

Start your direct mailing by sending out a test sampling of around one thousand pieces. This will allow you to make any necessary changes in your copies to target potential customers more directly. Then you can move on more assuredly and invest on a larger scale but focused on a specific category that will react more positively to your advertising campaign.