Advantages and Disadvantages When Advertising in Periodical versus Daily Newspapers

By Brown Articles Published 04/14/2011 | Periodical Advertising

Print advertising is the oldest strategy after word of mouth and people have been using various form of print, be it bulletins, pamphlets, newsletters and newspapers to get their business known to potential customers.

Despite the strong competition with TV, radio and online advertising print is still going strong and has not really lost any of its power to convince consumers. However, with the advent of periodicals newspaper advertising has lost some of its allure to businesses that wish to promote their products or services.

The first most striking advantage is that periodicals offer better quality images and tools to enhance the product of business. The better quality of paper and print adds to the attraction of print advertisements. In some cases daily newspaper ads have become redundant because all they offer is the repetition of the advert without it being attractive, so much so that readers do not even pay attention to newspaper ads anymore.

There are quite a few considerable differences between daily newspaper ads and periodical advertising and you should consider them carefully before you choose which form is best for your business.

Daily newspaper can be a good means for advertising sale coupons or ads, while periodicals are read more carefully because they are not accessible every day. Hence, people read them more carefully and an attractive advertisement will influence readers more profoundly, therefore periodicals are ideal for image creation and brand recognition.

Although advertising in periodicals is more expensive it offers higher quality images and texts for promoting your products. If you are on a low budget then you do not really have a choice. However, if you need an image-quality support to enhance your products newspapers will not help you achieve this effect.

Advertising in periodicals will give more leeway to creativity and can be artfully used to impress your potential customers. If you specialize in a specific industry like sports or interior decorations then periodicals are your best option.

While it is true that newspaper ads have immediate effects as they come out daily and can be changed easily for they have a simple format, they have less visual impact as opposed to periodicals. Feedback from potential clients with periodical advertising will take longer as these come out on a monthly basis so the response rate will not be immediate.

Newspaper advertising will reach out to a wider geographical area or a specific targeted location if you advertise in local newspapers. Periodicals tend to be focused on a particular niche, which can be fashion, sports, cars, pets, home interiors and they can reach out to a specific type of consumer. The readers who buy these specific periodicals will also be more interested in your product or service as they are already focused on that particular niche. In addition they probably have more money to spend on extras as they have already bought a more upgraded reading support.