How Advertising in Periodical Hospitality Magazines can still be Effective

By Brown Articles Published 04/14/2011 | Periodical Advertising

With the advent of Internet and other more sophisticated forms of advertising those who are in the hospitality business are starting to wonder if advertising in periodical hospitality magazines is still worthwhile.

Periodical hospitality magazines are still very effective on the way they influence the readers, as those who buy them are already interested in anything related to hospitality issues so they are more receptive to what you are offering.

With hospitality periodicals you can advertise all types of services and products ranging from travel, leisure, food services, restaurant catering, culinary art and many more types of businesses that are related to the tourist industry in general. When you choose to advertise in hospitality periodicals you can be sure you are reaching out to potential customers who are interested in products and services that fall under your category.

The cost-effectiveness of advertising in hospitality periodicals is a reality because these magazines are targeting specific demographic groups. Once you know who your potential customers are then you can start adding your advertisements in their favorite periodicals. Periodicals are more effective than daily newspapers because they remain in homes for longer periods and do not get thrown out the next day. They are also often passed along to other friends and family; therefore continue to work within other households.

The best way to advertise a restaurant business or accommodation facility is in tourist or travel periodicals that relate to a determined locality. Choose a periodical that is dedicating an issue or section to your area so the promotional work is half done for you and then add your business to the section. People will be looking for places to eat and stay and your advertisement will have an immediate impact on readers.

Whatever product or service you are offering within the hospitality industry periodicals will work to your advantage if you choose the right issue or section that relates to your specific product or service. Advertising your business on pages that feature your product or service types will capture your potential customers attention immediately, all you have to do is to convince them that your product is what they need.

To achieve immediate feedback when you have caught the readers attention you will have to work hard at creating an appealing ad. It must stand out from the others and has to convince the reader that your business is better than the competition. Your business name and service must stand out clearly and a picture of photo that will create a positive association with your business should be included. It is a good idea to include a toll-free number for the word free immediately attracts the readers attention.

Keep in mind that if you want to have an impact on your potential customers, periodicals that relate to your niche will be the best advertising investment you make. The readers are already interested in your industry and are more likely to be your potential customers for they spend more time reading the content of these periodical as they have bought them for that purpose.