Why Advertising with Specialized Periodicals is Effective

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 04/14/2011 | Periodical Advertising

Advertising in periodicals and magazines has now become a traditional way to get a business known to the public, with the advent of online advertising strategies that are less expensive than print, businesses are starting to neglect this form of advertising.

However, choosing other types of advertising and leaving print support aside can be a mistake. Periodical advertising can offer ways to promote your business without spending a fortune you simply have to know where to look. Small businesses that cannot afford a large budget for their advertising do not have to purchase a double-page ad in a well-known magazine to attract potential clients; there are other effective means of advertising in periodicals without ruining yourself financially.

Have you ever considered advertising with specialized periodicals? Although these offer a limited circulation as they are special interest magazines they have the advantage of targeting your market specialty, hence readers are more likely to be responsive of your advertisement.

Specialized periodicals offer good pricing for businesses wishing to advertise with them. With periodical you can afford to have a well-crafted image advertisement that thousands of readers interested in your niche are going to see, while with newspapers or other top magazines will only allow a few lines of text for double the price.

With an advert placed in a specialized periodical that is targeted to audiences who are interested in specific products or services, you are can be sure to find potential customers willing to spend money in your business.

Advertising researchers have found that to be effective an ad has to be visualized from three to ten times, so keep that in mind when purchasing advertising space in a specialized periodical and also consider the period your ad is going to appear in the magazine.

Another advantage of advertising in specialized periodicals it that people usually collect the past issues, a bit like they would books in on their bookshelves at home. This means that if you place just one advertisement in a periodical it will work for the whole year maybe more. In addition, people may pass on the issue to a neighbor or friend, which means your advertisement, will have a higher effective frequency.

Studies have proven that subscribers of specialized periodicals read their monthly issues at least eight times if not more once they have purchased them and nobody throws them away. Many readers like to keep their back issues for reference, this is because these are specialized periodicals and that is the beauty of this kind of advertising.

Pictures and high quality images can do wonders, while text does not work as well. If you add a full color image with a short promotional and informational message in a specialized periodical it will be a worthwhile investment and will drive potential customers to your business.