Why Motion Movie Advertising is so Effective?

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 04/14/2011 | Motion Picture Advertising

Why is cinema advertising such an advantage for businesses that wish to boost their sales and how can motion movie advertising work for you? This advertising method is an excellent way to connect with potential customers and of course it has to be done the right way and professionally.

People go to movies all year round and although videos have lowered the presence of movie goers a full screen film still holds a special charm on the audience. Going to the movies is still the number one pastime in the US and attracts millions of young and less young people each year. Many studies and research groups have proven that if you advertise your business or brand name on the movie screen it will have a bigger impact on potential clients than if you use any other method or tools for advertising.

Amongst the largest cinema marketing businesses that can help your company advertise effectively with motion movies is Screenvision. This company creates and promotes national and regional as well as local marketing to its advertisers. They can help you create and implement your advertising campaigns that include Cinema slides, cinema spots, Lobby promotions and Integrated Marketing opportunities. The company has a special unit for local advertisers with a creative department that will help you develop a message of impact for your potential customers.

There are many resources and tools that can make your motion movie advertising easy to implement and create and there are dedicated customer support teams that can help you achieve the perfect message on screen so that it has an impact on the audience.

Studies on the effect of motion movie advertising have proven that movie fans remember cinema ads more than twice as much as local newspaper advertisements. It has also been found that a little less than fifty percent of movie goers who find out about local businesses are more likely to buy from these very businesses.

Motion movie advertising campaigns will give you an excellent return on investment. If you continue long running motion movie advertising campaigns they will return you incredible numbers of potential customers.

Movie audiences are very receptive to motion movie advertising when they watch movies, as more than eighty percent of movie goers like watching pre show information and nearly seventy percent find the advertisements for local businesses informative.

Motion movie advertising, when combined with newspapers, will deliver to more than half of the potential customers of your community. Motion movie advertising will increase your customer base by reaching multiple decision makers.