How To Keep Your Skin Young and Healthy

By Brown Articles Published 04/23/2011 | Anti Aging

You can do wonders to your skin if you keep it from the destructive effects of the sun as much as possible. Avoid the sun rays between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Wear protective clothing, especially a cap or sun hat and sunglasses at all times. Also avoid sun tanning sessions either under the sun during the hotter hours of the day or in suntan salons.

Using sunscreens everyday whether you are sun tanning or not will help you protect your skin from harmful UV rays and these must be of at least a 15 SPF. When using facial and body creams it is also important these contain sunscreens and should be used regularly each day and throughout the day.

Keep your skins moisture levels high by drinking plenty of water, using adapted skin moisturizers and by using a skin humidifier at home if the air of the area you live in is dry, such as in mountain areas. You should also have your skin checked regularly by a dermatologist if you have fair or older skin.

There are many treatments that can help fight against the ageing of skin, either natural remedies or surgical methods. Before using chemical treatments such as dermabrasion, laserabrasion and chemical peels you may try treatments using hydroxy acids, tretinoin and vitamin C. Surgical options however, should only really be used if your skin has received a moderate or severe degree of damage due to the sun.

You may treat those deep facial wrinkles with collagen, autologous fat, botulimum toxin or Goretex implants. However, if you really have a problem due to excess sagging you can benefit from blepharoplasty, browlifting or a facelift treatment.

More About Surgical Treatments:

Dermabrasion helps remove those lines and wrinkles or scarring made by the sun. The process is to sand away the surface layer of the skin and make the younger layer underneath resurface. This kind of treatment can cause bleeding and wounding and can vary depending on the patients skin type and reaction to the treatment. It should never be done around the eyes and should be carefully used around the mouth.

Chemical peels are very effective when you want to get rid of those fine lines and wish to retrieve smoother skin. This treatment removes the upper layer of your skin using chemicals giving way to a new layer of skin. You can use this treatment around the eyes and mouth and the chemical content must be controlled depending on the different skin types.

Laser resurfacing uses high-energy lasers in order to remove damaged skin more effectively as well as other scarring and skin problems. This treatment will get rid of problems quicker than any other treatment. This treatment is powerful and may return side effects and complications; it must therefore be carefully planned before deciding to apply it.