What Facial Treatments are Suitable for Each Skin Type

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 04/24/2011 | Facial Treatment

With the wear and tear of external elements such as dust particles, pollution and harmful sun rays as well as age our skin develops those ugly dark spots, black heads, acne, pigmentation and wrinkles all of us fear to see. Although there are plenty of surgical solutions nowadays to get rid of these problems, non-surgical facial treatments also offer some effective remedies to these problems.

Amongst the most common and popular are simple facials you can get in beauty salons and these offer a very relaxing form of facial treatment as well as being beneficial and rejuvenating for the skin. There are many types of facial treatments available, which apply different techniques and facial kits depending on the skin types, the age of the skin and results you wish to obtain.

Facial follow two basic methods in facial treatments wither hands on or electrotherapy.

Hands on treatments use hand movements and massages to stimulate the skin and remove dead skin cells to generate new cells. They also remove black heads and help reduce smaller lines of the face. The electrotherapy facial treatments use electronic hand-held devices that work at obtaining the same results. Both treatments have their own specified advantages and benefits.

Facial treatments using the hand-on method are completely manual for no electronic devices are used apart from a steaming machine used to open up the skins pores. The products beauticians use in these facial treatments are creams and oils as well as gels and moisturizing creams chosen for each skin type, depending on the dryness and age of the skin.

Cleansing and relaxing masks clay masks are used once the steam process is over, in order to widen the pores and cleanse the skin in depth as well as allowing it to absorb all the necessary nutritious elements. If you have a sensitive skin the beautician may decide to use a peel off mask that is applied then peeled off gently and is also used as an uplifting mask, for it tightens the skin.

Electrotherapy facial treatments are carried out with machines, which are held by the beautician and can be of three basic types; this will essentially depend from your skin type and sensitiveness.

With high frequency treatments the beautician uses gauze is placed on the face and a glass electrode is passed over the entire surface. This treatment is best suited for oily and acne prone skin as it helps in drying out spots and has antibacterial effects. For Dry to normal skin types, indirect frequency treatment is used.

Micro current facial treatments are essentially for uplifting the skin and toning it while enhancing the skins texture and natural color.

Galvanic facial treatments introduce active ingredient that penetrate deeply into the skin by metal rollers that massage the surface and this treatment is suitable for all skin types.

All the above facial treatments help improve the texture, quality and appearance of the facial