Some Helpful Weight Loss Tips For Fast And Effective Results

By Brown Articles Published 04/29/2011 | Weight Loss

Once you are set on beginning a weight loss program there are a few important issues you should keep in mind before you start. These following tips will help you achieve faster results effectively.

Never skip breakfast

Breakfast time is probably one of the most important meals of the day, which many of us regularly skip.  If you do not prepare your body for the day with the essential elements it needs, this will lead to low levels of blood sugar, thus by mid morning you will feel those hunger pangs that lead to in-between meal snacks.

Choose foods that will keep you satiated for longer, such as whole grains, proteins and fruit. You can either eat a bowl of oats or whole wheat bread with honey or jam. Always include a fruit or naturally squeezed fruit juice, low fat yoghurt or cottage cheese. You can also opt for scrambled or poached eggs, another nourishing alternative. What you should keep in mind is that you should use as little refined sugar products and fats as possible, but include nutritious food that will keep you replenished for longer.

Pack your lunch in a brown bag

Always prepare your own meal and pack it in a brown bag if you are not coming back home for lunch. You can choose your own healthy ingredients and will not be tempted to grab junk food, which is readily available at fast foods or cafés near work. You can always take advantage of a micro oven or fridge, which most work areas provide, and prepare cooked meals or soups you can heat up in no time. This strategy will not only save you from binges and junk food, it will also save you extra expense.

Plan your snacks carefully

You should also consider preparing healthy snacks, just in case you are tempted to run to the vending machine or deli for a chocolate bar or biscuits. Stock up on healthy pre-packaged snacks and buy them in bigger bags beforehand to keep at home. Pack one with your lunch bag, should you feel the urge for an extra food source. Choose your snack carefully, avoid salted crackers and nuts and other high calorie alternatives. Low fat foods such as, fruit and vegetables are the best choice. The lower the calorie count the better for your diet plan, for calories do add up by the end of the day.

If you follow these few basic rules, you will notice how easy it is to lose weight, and in less time you thought possible. Never go on drastic dieting and always seek your doctors advice before you start.