How To Lose Weight Fast With Mind Strategies

By Brown Articles Published 04/29/2011 | Weight Loss

Did you know that your brain is an effective tool to help you lose weight? You can command your eating habits by using your mind. This means you can will yourself to eat the right food types and avoid the fattening ones.

Good mind strategies

Should you feel a craving to eat outside meal times, try telling yourself that you should wait ten to fifteen minutes before you fetch a snack. You will find that delaying this urge will eventually lead to forgetting you ever wanted a snack in the first place. You can use distraction as a strategy, or go somewhere else to forget you are even thinking of food.

Another mind strategy is that of visualization. Instead of eating you can daydream about a location where you would love to be at that very moment. Delve into your daydream and picture yourself on a white, sandy beach as you walk barefoot along the warm sand, watching the waves wash onto the shore. Feel the cool breeze and inhale the sea air; you should actually feel you are there. What you are doing is you are moving away from the food temptation and isolating your cravings. It really is effective if you practise it, and it will also help you relax and feel happier about dieting.

It is important you be in control over the food you eat and not let food control your life. You should allow for treats, or depravation will lead to frustration and you will not be able to continue with your diet plan.  When you have an urge to eat something you really like, go for it, but only take a very small portion. As you eat it, savour it slowly and take in all the flavour and smells and enjoy the taste. You will find that you do not need big portions to assuage your craving.

Sometimes places or even people can remind you of food. Find out which ones trigger off food cravings and change your lifestyle accordingly. You may have a habit of meeting a friend for a mid-morning snack, when you are out shopping. Change this habit and go for a walk in the park instead, or bring a healthier snack to share in the park.

Your mind can really help you succeed in losing weight fast if you train it too. After all, it is our mind that dictates all or decisions and sentiments.

Whatever diet you are planning on, always make sure you ask your doctor for approval.