Nail Care Tips for Chronic Nail Biters

By Brown Articles Published 04/29/2011 | Nail Care

How many of us can say we have never bitten our nails? Not many and it is common that those who have started keep up this habit even for years. Nail biting is a nervous habit and often appears during periods of stress or nervousness as well as when we are bored and hunger.

Many younger children bite their nails at one stage, although it is not a serious problem at that age. However, it can become chronic during adolescence and a health hazard for there is a lot of bacteria buried under the surface of the nail as it is an area that is difficult to keep clean and the bacteria enter the mouth when biting.

Nail biting also relates to biting soft tissue around the nails and cuticles this can cause infection and eventually the nail loss. More than fifty percent of children between the ages of eight and eighteen bite their nails sooner or later.

Sometimes nail biting comes in conjunction with other repetitive behaviors such as nose-picking and hair-pulling amongst others, this is why before treating your nails to avoid biting them it is important to find the cause. If your child is under stress, be it at school or for family problems it is crucial that this stress be reduced. This can also be said for adults too and an effective therapy used to identify and eliminate the urge to bite nails can be found in stimulus control.

If you keep your nails short, this will also help, at least some people, especially children. If you have a weekly manicure this will prevent you from biting your nails due to the polish that render them beautiful.

Wearing gloves in winter and cotton ones in summer or colored bandages and stickers whenever possible will remind you and stop you from unconscious nail biting.

If you want to have beautiful looking hands and nails keep them manicured, for nail care is important for it completes the bodys image. You should take care of your nails with a manicure at least once a week and even add a buffing to give the nails a shine. Soak your hands in warm water for five minutes in order to soften the cuticles and push them back gently and reach the tip applying a medium pressure. Cut your nails and trim off any ragged edges and keep them all the same length then file them down to keep them smooth. Always wash your hands using mild soap and use a nailbrush.

Do not use metal files choose board files as they are file the nails down gently. Try and avoid clipping your nails, simply file them down right after having had a bath or having soaked them, as nails are much softer. Do not use the file in the corner of your nails but work from the corners towards the center of the nail.

After having properly filed your nails use a good hand and nail lotion to moisturize and protect your nails, you can even add some lemon juice to harden your nails and avoid them splitting.