How to Get Natural Nail Care Treatment

By Brown Articles Published 04/29/2011 | Nail Care

Have you ever stopped to think that nails are in fact a very delicate part of the body and are constantly in contact with chemical agents as well as being exposed to the natural damaging effects of natures elements? Cold and hot temperatures, water, chemicals and other similar elements make your nails brittle and rough causing them to break easily.

It takes time and dedication to look after your hands and nails properly and also a considerable budget if you want to visit a beauty parlor to have a nail care treatment. However, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on a nail care treatment or even spend hours on your nails, with a few simple tips you can keep your nails healthy by applying a few natural nail care treatments.

Make sure your nails are well groomed and clean; it only takes a few minutes each day and will avoid the build-up of dirt and splitting of the nails. Brush your nails regularly with a toothbrush under the shower and brush them gently then apply cuticle oil or cream just before going to bed.

Protect your hands and nails at all time when taking care of daily tasks in the house, garden in order to keep them away from dirt and chemicals, for this will lead to discoloration and fragility.

Keep the length of your nails at a reasonable length depending on what your daily tasks are, for if you type for example or do other hand-related jobs, long nails could be a nuisance and break easily.

Apply nail polish on regularly, either with a transparent coat or a pale shade, for they will look healthier and remain protected during the days chores. Make sure you apply a second coat of polish over the first one when it is completely dry, this will render your nails stronger.

When you remove nail varnish use a product that has no acetone in it, for this element dries out the cuticles and will damage your nails due to the chemical content. Make sure you have a well-equipped nail kit available at all times, which should include a nail brush, nail clippers a file but not a metal one and keep a manicure and pedicure bowl available. Replace these regularly and sterilize them to prevent any bacterial infection.

Avoid using your nails to open things or pick at small object because you are in a hurry as this will cause damage to them even on a long term. Use hand and nail cream that will nourish the skin and nails with a higher vitamin E content and apply every time you wash your hands or when your hands feel dry. This will go a long way in maintaining beautiful nails and hands.

Last but not the least, follow a healthy well-balanced diet. Avoid fried, oily food and consume larger quantities of fruits and greens, for this will do both your body and nails a world of good and keep them healthy longer.