The Best Way to Remove Underarm Hair Effectively and Painlessly

By Brown Articles Published 05/1/2011 | Hair Removal

Using an underarm hair removal cream is the best and most painless method to get rid of underarm hair. Although there are other popular methods that women can use to eliminate under arm hair, hair removal creams are not doubt the best solution, but here are some others.

Many shave the hair under their arms as it is easy and fast as well as inexpensive. It is also practical as you can do it under the shower or anywhere in the comfort of your home all you need is a razor adapted for the underarm area. However, you can also use a disposable one that can last quite a long time, just make sure it does not rust or this may hurt your skin.

The problem with shaving however is that it will not last for long and is only a short-term solution. After four or five days the hairs will start growing back and may also cause itching or irritation to the skin and you may also risk cutting yourself.

Waxing is a more effective solution if you are looking for a long term hair removal that will also give your skin a silky touch. The hair takes longer to grow back as the roots are removed together with the hair, but it is painful and the area under your arm is sensitive as well as being close to glands.

Laser surgery is yet another method to remove hair under the arm and you may want to try this as a solution for more definite hair removal under your arms. However, laser therapies are expensive as you need professional aid and special equipment, which increases the costs considerably. There may also be side effects with laser treatments so it is always best to check with a doctor before using laser therapies to remove hair.

In reality hair removal creams work just as effectively as wax treatments with the advantage that they are considerably less painful. They immediately get rid of body hair that will take a long time to grow back as the whole of the hair follicle is taken out. Furthermore hair removal creams are perfect for women who have sensitive skin and low tolerance to pain and do not want to spend a lot of money.

Another added benefit of using an underarm hair removal cream is that after you have used it several times the hairs will grow back finer and weaker as well as being softer. Some hair removal creams promise complete and permanent hair removal, however this depends on the hair type of each person. After a couple of times the hair will be finer and softer once it grows back. There are some creams that claim to remove hair permanently; however the success rate is based on the type of hair being removed.

Forget about the old-fashioned ways of removing underarm hair and start using an underarm hair removal cream so you can have painless hair removal and fabulous looking underarms.

These creams not only remove hair but also exfoliate and moisturize leaving your skin looking and feeling great and you can now get them for free. Companies offer free trials of their products as they know once you have tried them you will come back to try them again in the future.