Three Ways to Get Rid of Your Facial Hair Permanently at Home

By Brown Articles Published 05/1/2011 | Hair Removal

Many peoples dream is to permanently remove unwanted hair from their body but do not like going to beauty salons and prefer doing so in the privacy of their home. There are several options you may consider if you want to effectively remove facial hair at home, but you will have to consider each product at its face value.

Electrolysis is one method for permanent hair removal at home, as in-home electrolysis uses an ultra thin metal probe which you must inserted in the hair follicle. A tiny amount of electricity is applied, which damages the hair follicle and eliminates it permanently. You can purchase a home electrolysis unit for about 50, but make sure you choose one that works on the basis of inserting the probe into the hair follicle otherwise this will not destroy it permanently. If you choose another home electrolysis kit it will not get rid of the hair follicles effectively and for always.

Permanent hair removal at home with electrolysis can be tricky. Removing hairs one at a time takes a long time, particularly if you have thick hair and also a lot of patience. If you are inexperienced with this procedure, it is easy to accidentally damage our skin. Pulling out the hairs one by one is not even very effective if they are not removed properly.

If you are looking for permanent facial hair solutions with home treatments then you will have to try other solutions or think of having electrolysis done by a professional.

Although topical cream is effective for facial hair removal, most of the brands, apart from Vaniqa do not promise long-term solutions for hair removal. This cream however is only available with a prescription. The cream slows down the growth of new hair and has to be used jointly with supplementary hair control methods that include plucking hair. This cream must be applied twice a day, and has some restrictions, as only women can use it and it is specifically meant for facial hair growth. Once you stop using Vaniqa facial hair will start growing back at its normal rate.

Oral medications may not produce permanent hair removal at home, but do produce permanent hair reduction by hindering growth of new hair. The majority of these medications work by reducing the amount of testosterone or androgen hormones that cause hair growth.

These medications that prevent new hair from growing will need a prescription. Check with your dermatologist or family doctor to see if you can use them and which one specifically, these include Daine35, Propecia, and Aldactone.

People are sometimes desperate about finding methods of permanent hair removal at home, and can be vulnerable to scam artists selling expensive products that are don't work or have not been proven to work. Before you spend any money, talk to your doctor or dermatologist.