How Enzymes Can Help Fight Against the Anti Aging Process

By Brown Articles Published 05/6/2011 | Anti Aging

You have probably never heard of enzymes as far as anti aging is concerned, or at least not when reading in general about issues related to anti aging, although you have most likely heard of fruit and vegetables. The reason you often hear about fruit and vegetables is because there is a relationship between them and enzymes, for they play an important role in the aging process.

Food preparation is at the base of this issue, for raw foods have elements that our bodies need and these are called enzymes. If we do not have sufficient enzymes our body cannot function correctly. When food is cooked most of the enzymes are destroyed due to the heating process, this is why it is better to eat raw foods, including fruit and vegetables if we want to be sure we are getting enough enzymes.

Enzymes are divided into three basic categories: food, digestive, and metabolic enzymes. If when you cook food you heat it at more than 116 C then all the enzymes are destroyed, something we would do when boiling vegetables. This means that if you only consume cooked vegetables then you are lacking in enzymes.

Without sufficient enzymes your body will have to work harder to process the food and nutrients will take longer to be absorbed. The pancreas will also have to work harder as it has to produce metabolic enzymes to compensate for the lack of natural ones in foods.

This is why eating raw fruit and vegetables is essential for a healthy diet for these enzymes will contribute in the good functioning of your metabolism, hence helping your organs and overall system to keep healthy, without overloading it with work. The right balance of enzymes in your body will also help fight against health hazards, including diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

However, although a lot of us know that raw foods are healthier we still like cooking them. This is why we lack in enzymes and pharmaceutical companies relish on this and are producing more and more supplements to compensate for this lack of enzymes. These companies have researched how enzymes function within our bodies and have found that a deficiency in enzymes can reduce the life span of a person.

What we can do without going into sophisticated methods of rejuvenation with enzyme supplements is to try and eat as many fruits and vegetables in their raw form as we can. There is a definite relationship between aging and enzymes, both concerning our exterior appearance and also how our organs function and are stressed. Make sure you eat a well-balanced diet each day that should include plenty of vegetables and fruits including raw ones.