Eye Cream The Perfect Facial Treatment To Protect The Delicate Area Under Your Eyes

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 05/6/2011 | Facial Treatment

You can be sure that when you ask a woman her age or her weight, nine out of ten she will not give up her secret. Most women are very sensitive with regards to age and weight issues; this is because revealing their age would mean acknowledging they are actually getting old. So, often they avoid discussing the subject, simply because women want to be free to live the age they feel they have.

The most delicate parts of our bodies are our hands and the area around our eyes; this is because the layer of skin around these areas is thin compared to other areas on our bodies. Although our skin has the ability to stretch and shrink as we put on or lose weight, with age, skin loses its suppleness and tends to sag. For most women wrinkles are a greater problem than a few extra pounds, for they are a clear and obvious sign of age. Even younger women can have weight problems, but only older women start showing signs of ageing skin.

What is the solution for an ageing skin, and how can we curb this inevitable ageing process?

There are many costly treatments that can drastically improve our skins aspect and get rid of wrinkles after only a few sessions. But how safe and effective are they on the long term?

Laser treatments and plastic surgery will of course give you immediate results, but what are the consequences? Amongst a few of the side effects, you may experience skin discoloration, scars and on the long term, loss of your skins elasticity. So, although these surgical treatments may seem miraculous at first, they are really not worth the money and the risk you may incur.

You can spend much less money and get better results if you choose a good quality anti wrinkle eye cream and hand moisturizer. These products have the added advantage that they will not give side effects and will produce similar if not better results than other expensive treatments.

For best results you should start using anti wrinkle eye cream before the first wrinkles appear, although these creams are also effective in reducing the depth of existing wrinkles and will prevent more from forming.

Anti wrinkle eye cream works on the principle of nutrient and vitamin contents. When you apply these creams they not only moisturize your skin, they also replenish missing nutrients to help the re-formation of our skins cells. Our skin is nourished and re-hydrated, therefore becomes supple and radiant once more, thus preventing wrinkles from forming.

Although regular skin lotions are good for re-hydrating and protecting our skin from harsh sunlight and wind, they are not as far-reaching as anti wrinkle eye cream. Anti wrinkle eye creams are specific products, which contain extra properties that go beyond simple re-hydration and protection of the skin. It is important to use products that contain all the necessary ingredients to make up for loss of nutrients that come with age. By doing so our skin tone will change to a smoother, younger looking skin.