What you Should Know About Facial Vein-wave Facial Treatment

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 05/6/2011 | Facial Treatment

Nowadays in the field of cosmetic surgery progress on the various facial treatments that can be used is becoming more and more advanced. Once invasive surgical procedures were the only solution to problematic skins, but know these methods belong to the past.

Fortunately technology has worked towards solutions that are health-conscious and can treat aging and allergy problems without having to operate and cut the tissue on the skin. Surgical treatment is now being substituted by less drastic methods such as injectable treatments and other similar procedures that will allow the benefit of aesthetic treatments without the use of surgery.

One of these new technologies includes the facial vein-wave treatment that will treat and get rid of those spider veins that can appear on the face and other parts of our body. However, before you do decide to have one of these treatments it is important to know exactly how it works.

Spider veins may be treated both on the face and on any other part of the body, and will leave little if any scarring. This means that you can have a rapid treatment without this affecting your outward appearance too drastically and will also be able to return to your normal daily routines immediately after. This facial vein-wave treatment uses thermo-coagulation, which closes the blood vessels and eliminates the spider-web look caused by the tiny veins surfacing under the skin. Other parts can be treated just as effectively as the face, including the knees and ankles as well as legs and any other part of the body.

Another advantage of facial vein-wave treatments is that they are fast. It only takes about fifteen minutes to have a treatment and there are no bandages or after effects. You can go back to your normal schedule straight after the treatment, as no surgical procedure is applied. So, if you are particularly scared of operations, this treatment will suit you perfectly. As soon as the veins are treated they close up and shrink instantly, this means you will be noticing the effect the procedure has on the spot.

More great news is that this procedure gets rid of spider veins permanently, so there is no need to repeat the treatment as in surgical procedures. The difference will be apparent as soon as you have the treatment and will continue to improve after a few days, when you will be able to assess the full result of the vein-wave procedure.

Many people who have tried this facial-wave treatment often do not need to have another session, as the spider veins have completely disappeared. However, for those with more serious spider waves, the treatment may have to be taken two or three times to get rid of the spider-veins completely.

This innovative beauty treatment really is a large step forward towards simple and direct skin treatments that no longer have to be invasive or painful. They are also just as effective as their precursors.