Three Types of Personal Loans to Choose From

By Brown Articles Published 06/26/2011 | Personal Loans

Not all of us find managing our finances easy, especially with todays hectic living style and often too easy access to products and services, even without ready cash or funds. This is why we can often find ourselves in debt before we know it.

This is where personal loans step in to solve the problem of instant money problems. Personal loans are loans established on a borrower's debt, credit, and earning history. These loans are labeled personal loans as in most cases they are needed for personal needs. You can take advantage of personal loans without having to worry about collateral, which is why these types of loans are considered unsecured loans.

Nowadays we have the advantage of privately run loaning companies; hence we do not necessarily have to apply for a personal loan at a bank. You can find personal loans accessible from almost all large establishments, including department stores, supermarkets and other large commercial enterprises.

To find out which type of personal loan is best, you may like to consider three possible personal loan options: the installment loan, the balloon loan and the single payment loan.

The installment loan is paid in partial sums called installments and you can generally find this type of personal loans in department stores or furniture shops when you decide to improve your home. Not all of us can afford to pay cash for certain higher priced products, thus installments are arranged on fixed dates and with fixed interest rates.

A balloon loan is a personal loan that is considered as a long term payment loan. This means that at a certain pre-determined date the borrowing party has to refund the loan in one single payment called a balloon payment. This allows the borrowing party to save up for the sum to be refunded and pay it at a later date.

A single payment loan is rather like the balloon loan as the refunding is deferred to a later date. The difference being that instead of paying portions of the loan with the bigger fee upon maturity, the whole loan is payable by the time the loan has matured. Single payment loans as balloon loans require a good discipline as far as financial matters are concerned, as the borrowing party has to pay back the loan on a certain date without fail.

Each type of personal loan can vary depending on many personal issues and the options are not necessarily the same. This is why you should carefully look into the various possibilities and options proposed to see which one best suits your personal case.

You should also check your financial status before signing up for a personal loan to make sure you can safely pay back the loan without having financial trouble later on. You can create a possible time limit in which to refund the loan without being tight on money and pay off your debts as you have agreed on in the personal loan contract.