Advantages and Benefits of Directory Submission Service

By Charles Hopkins Published 06/5/2006 | Webmastering

When you are working hard to publish your web site or to get your content out to the populace, you want all the advertising and exposure that you can get.  Submitting your links to search engines by hand is tiring and tedious, and unless they are paid for, mostly wasted effort.  Paid submission sites for search engines will get you the same results for a bit more money.  It is hardly worth the effort.  Directory submissions, however, is a different type of submission that gives the Webmaster great results.

 Web directories are collections of web pages with similar subjects and similar content.  These pages of links contain synopses of each web page submitted to them, and visitors looking for a specific kind of content can cruise the correct directory page to find the exact website that they are specifically looking for.  However, submitting to directories by hand is tedious though, since there are literally thousands of general and specific niche directories out there. 

A directory submission service takes the leg word and guesswork out of your websites submission to individual directories.  Depending on what package you purchase from them, these directory submission services will scour the internet for the proper directories and categories for your web page.  They will then go through the tedious process of hand submitting your information with the same care that you would take yourself.  They carefully choose the correct category or suggest a category to the directory if yours is not included.  When they are done, links to your website will have been spread all over the World Wide Web, and within days you will be getting additional traffic from interested parties. 

Directories do not seek to trap and fool unwary web surfers.  Instead, they are designed to funnel interested parties to the most relevant web sites. This means that the visitors you get from the directories will be interested in your content and will be more likely to come back to your website if you offer what they are looking for.

When search engine spiders crawl the web looking for content related to a search, if you have performed a directory submission, these search engines will find your sites address many times, depending on how many directories you had your site submitted. The more times that the search engine spiders find your site, the higher they will place you in the search ranking.  That means that the people looking for your site will be able to find you more so than other websites in your niche. 

Entering your web sites information even a dozen times is exhausting and time consuming, and will allow you no time to work on the real business that you are engaged in.  A directory submission service can submit a hundred or more while you go about the business that you are trying to run. 

There are three kinds of traffic that you can get from the directories where you are listed. The first is click-through traffic, meaning that anyone who ends up on the directory page will be able to see your web site and information, and there is a good chance that they will visit.  The second is indexing your site.  As the spiders crawl the web, they will begin to index the pages of your web site once they find the links to it.  After that they can come back again and again, bringing you traffic as they do.  The last way that the directories will increase your traffic is increasing your ranking on the search engines themselves as they find the volume of links and references to your web site.

There are so many ways that you can benefit from hiring a directory submission service.  With such a service, you now have the time to do what really matters- concentrating either on growing or monetizing your other sites. Dont get bogged down in the details, let a directory submission service handle it for you!