What Argument You Should Expect Adjusters Use to Break your Car Wreck Case

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 07/2/2011 | Adjusters

Nearly all auto insurance companies try to use any kind of argument and strategies to not pay claims. The following arguments are those most car insurance companies use in order to pay less or nothing at all for your damages or injuries. So make sure you check these out and look out for any signs of backing out from paying your claims. Remember that you pay your insurance precisely for this reason and this should entitle you to protection against damages and injuries, thus the insurance adjuster should pay you your due.

These are a few of the arguments you will hear coming from the claims adjuster the insurance company will send to you for the claims compensations.

         They will try to convince you that it was your vehicle that caused the damage, and they will bring into doubt faulty brakes system, used tires or faulty tail lights. This is why you should carefully check these claims to see whether they are true or not.

         They will also claim that you had plenty of time to avoid the accident as you had been alerted of the danger, but that you just were not concentrating on your driving. This however should not be a valid point and must be verified with the state laws.

         The accident could have been avoided if you had been driving at a slower speed due to the conditions.

         You changed lanes suddenly without warning or you made an unnecessary stop, which is nonsense as it is up to those on your tail to keep a safe distance. You did not signal a turn or stop.

         They will try to claim that you have no witnesses to confirm your stating of the facts. That is not a good point they can claim on as they have to take your word for it.

         Sometimes an insurance company can claim that there are witnesses who can dispute your version of the facts. Do not let this intimidate you, simply ask for the copies of al statements  as most times they do not exist, and if they do have them verified.

Now these are only a few, but there are hundreds more insurance adjusters will use in order to avoid paying your claim as insurance companies consider it their job to seek out and find as many defenses and arguments as possible against you in your case. The Adjuster will question you carefully, and often without cause.