What is the Role of a CAT or Catastrophe Adjuster?

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 07/2/2011 | Adjusters

The role of catastrophe adjusters is that of dealing with claims due to damaged caused by storm that are so extensive that the normal channels insurance companies use can no longer be called into action. Insurance companies need to deal with the claims their policy holders put through as quickly as possible, this is why when the damage is beyond the normal standards special CAT adjusters are called to deal with the disaster and settle the arguments of the claims.

Regular claims adjusters that are usual employed by insurance companies are stationed in one specific area or office, while CAT adjusters move around and travel to the places where the catastrophe has occurred or wherever the storm has caused damage. This means that they have to be prepared to travel around on a short notice, wherever the need be.

There are insurance companies that hire CAT adjusters on a full time basis, although most of the time CAT adjusters are hired independently by the insurance company and work on percentages they manage to get for the claim compensation.

The essential key point for CAT adjusters is that they need to move about rapidly when they are called in and there intervention has to be immediate. In cases when storms create a lot of damages there will be quite a number of policy holders who wish to have their claims addressed as soon as possible, and there may be quite a lot of people claiming damage if the storm has been a violent one. So as soon as the damages are declared the CAT adjuster moves quickly into action within the first forty-eight hours to wherever the damage has been done and get to work on registering the claims and verifying them and the damages done.

Being a CAT adjuster can be hard work as they need to be available seven days a week, for storms cannot be foreseen, or at least not the damages they cause to the policy holders. This is to ensure that policyholder needs are met as soon as possible after the damages. It is not easy to calculate the amount of time a CAT Adjuster will be on the field working with the claims and damages once he or she has been called on. This will basically depend on the extent of the damage the storm has caused. The claims could be solved and compensations dealt with within a week or may go on for months, there is no way to tell.

CAT adjusters will expect to work more during the hurricane season, but may also be busy during the rest of the year on other large storm events; this may also vary from year to year.