The State and Real Costs of Health Insurance

By Brown Articles Published 07/16/2011 | Health Insurance

It is hard to estimate the exact average cost of health insurance, however, according to Kaiser the average cost in 2009 of insurance from an employer was 4,800 per year for an individual and 17,900 per year for a family of four.

A health insurance coverage purchased by the customer with neither administration aid or through an employer's collection health plan will cost considerably more. Those living in California for example, and are using COBRA will spend 390 per month on premiums, although this can be reduced through financial support.

A survey by the US survey government department stated that 85% of US population benefit from health care plans, and of these, only 9% obtain it in assurance. The remaining percentage receives health insurance coverage through a company supplied plan, or from other forms of funded administration program. The remaining 15% of the population still remains without any form of health insurance. These statistics clearly demonstrate how expensive health insurance really is.

If we consider that an average policy holder will have to pay more than 4,800 for a single health insurance plan, this will cost considerably more than the conventional for employer-provided health care. Individual health insurance plans that are obtained privately will cost more every year due to the rising charges, age increase and health complications that may arise.

When you are shopping around for your personal health insurance plan, you should use the insurance programs that your employer provides and use this as a comparison when comparing the various health insurance companies.

It is difficult to safely estimate how todays health care system will evolve and we cannot predict how far the insurance premiums will go in terms of yearly rises. So the best option at the moment is to take advantage of your employers health care plan if you are lucky enough to have one or any other health care plan offered by the government as soon as you become eligible for this type of health insurance program.

You can also try opting for the Cobra insurance programs or similar ones if you really cannot afford any other health insurance plan. You may also try various options hospital and clinics offer within their insurance facilities that may meet your required health needs.

The American Health Care is on its way of being re-planned and hopefully, not only will this improve health care for everyone, but will also provide cheaper private insurance policies as they will no longer be the only viable source of health insurance.