Which are the Best Insurance Ratings for Top Companies

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 07/22/2011 | Insurance Quotes & Rates

There are many companies that are reliable and offer good rates for various insurance options, however it is difficult to say which ones are really better as they are listed according to different standards.

However, we can rate various insurance companies according to the sales they have generated each year, although this does not necessarily mean they are better even if they sell more policies. This said, often a company that sells better is a clear indicator that it is both popular and probably reliable according to the publics standards.

With such a competitive market a company with higher sales rate will gain more if it stands as the preferred by customers who trust its services.

The top ten insurance companies rated in the world are also amongst the largest and provide coverage for almost all issues and needs as well as the classic coverage including home, auto and health insurance.

Many of these monopolize the insurance industry in their country and provide their service to a large part of the population.

  • No. 10: Aegon. The Netherlands-based company had an annual sale of US43 billion in 2009.
  • No. 9: Sumitomo Life Insurance. The Japanese company made 43 billion in the fiscal year 2009 (April 1, 2010-March 31, 2010).
  • No. 8: National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives. The total revenues of this Japanese company were about 50 billion in 2010.
  • No. 7: China Life Insurance. This Beijing, China-based life insurer made about 57 billion in 2010.
  • No. 6: Dai-ichi Life. This Japanese company had an annual sale of about 57 billion in the fiscal year 2009.
  • No. 5: State Farm Insurance. The US insurance company made about 62 billion in 2010.
  • No. 4: Zurich Financial Services. The total sales of this Swiss company were about 68 billion in 2010.
  • No. 3: CNP Assurances. The French insurance company made about 69 billion in 2009.
  • No. 2: Nippon Life Insurance. The Japan-based insurance company made about 71 billion in the fiscal year 2009.
  • No. 1: Assicurazioni Generali. The Italy-based insurance company is the largest insurance company in the world. It made more than 121 billion in 2010.

USA Top Ten Insurance Companies

At the same time, here are the top ten US insurance companies by revenues. They include:

  • No. 1: State Farm Insurance. As already mentioned above, this Bloomington, Illinois-based insurance company is the largest in the US. It made about 62 billion in 2010.
  • No. 2: MetLife. This NYC-based insurance company made a total of 41 billion in 2009.
  • Other eight top-rated insurance companies in the US include Allstate Insurance Company, Prudential Insurance Company, Travelers Insurance Company, Fidelity Insurance Company, Farmers Insurance Company, AIG Insurance Company, MassMutual Insurance Company, and the Hartford Insurance Company.