Everything you Need to Know about Insurance for Horses

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 07/22/2011 | Pet Insurance

Keeping pets be it dogs, cats or other household animals can be expensive, and often owners cannot afford looking after them properly because medical treatment and care is just too much to sustain. Having said this, those who own animals such as horses, which often have to be boarded due to lack of space, have even more expenses to face up to. In addition to this, medical treatment and vaccination for horses is required by the law and there is no other solution but to take proper care of a horse if you want to keep it as a pet animal.

A solution to these excessive expenses is to take an insurance policy that will cover most of the medical costs for your pets. Horses in particular will need a special insurance policy, as they need specific coverage for they are not like other common pets.

You can find this specific type of coverage on the Internet, where you can choose one for your horse, as most common pet insurances do not offer coverage for less common pets. This is because horses, as well as other less common pets are expensive to maintain and insurance policies for these kinds of animals are harder to find. However, the Internet offers a great source for finding just the coverage you need for your horse.

You can find policies that not only offer personal accident coverage, but also include dental work and other more particular options, which other insurance policies do not. This obviously comes with an additional cost on the premium rates as the expenses for overall horse maintenance can be extremely high.

There are laws that are common in some states that protect horses and owners against liability, damage, and similar problems, this is not the case in every state, and it is therefore a good idea to search for a pet insurance that will cover liability. Pet insurance coverage for horses will often cover the pet and the objects used for its needs, including horse trailers. The policies will cover theft, damage, loss, and so forth.

Not all policies are the same, but not many insurance companies will cover liability, stables, death, accidents, riding liability, dental work, equipment, theft, vet charges and other issues. Usually claims are filed for death accidents, illness, vet fees and saddler fees. Not many insurance companies offer complete coverage or coverage that extends to other states. This is important when you need to transport the horse for shows or trades.

Most of the claims are the same as most standard forms, however not many companies put forward claims that target the specific accidents, including illness. Should your horse fall ill then the company may send a form for that specific need. The company will recommend that you immediately contact the company via the toll-free hotline provided to you and immediately seek treatment for your animal. After you have consulted the vet, the company will advise you to make contact them. The claim forms are often downloadable online, thus making it convenient and easily accessible. Of course, you must go through the same procedures as standard health insurance, by sending receipts to the company. The hotline is setup so that you can get immediate disbursement if necessary.