Best baby gifts you can buy

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/7/2006 | Kids & Teens

There are no problems in buying gifts for an adult but buying gifts for a baby is always a tough decision to make. What should you buy for a baby? Many of us are at a loss when it comes to gifting something to a baby.

Let us find out what can be the best baby gifts you can buy and gift a baby.

a)     Baby toys: These are such gifts that will never become out of fashion. These are the gifts that can actually be enjoyed by the baby and not by his parents. The companies are always making toys keeping in mind the age group and the need of the children. So all you have to do is to go in the market and tell about the age and the sex of the baby to the toy companys representative and get a toy that is made perfectly for the age. The best toy, which is always loved by a child, is a teddy bear or any other soft toy. That is also appropriate for babies of all ages and both the sex.

b)     Baby monitor: You can gift a baby monitor also. Dont laugh at this idea! Though it will be of immense help to the parents, actually it is a beneficial gift for the baby. With the help of the baby monitor the parents can monitor not only the movements but also the whining, breathing and crying of the babies, both audibly and visually. There are many models available in the market made by reputed companies and in a variable range of prices.

c)     Baby bath care: You can gift the baby a good bath care set. These sets are available in attractive colors and prices and can be a very good way to express the thought that you love the baby very much

d)     Baby books: If you ask my opinion then this is the best gift one can buy for a baby. Books for all ages are made by various publishing houses. They have attractive pictures in bright colors and by gifting a book you can also help the baby develop and enjoy reading habit from a tender age. But always make sure that there are lots of illustrations in the book

e)      Baby blankets and sleeping kits: Celebrate the arrival of a baby in your family by gifting him or her cozy nice blanket and other sleeping accessories in soft and soothing colors. You can also gift a customized baby blanket that is available in various colors and designs in the market.

f)       Baby clothes: Some people think twice about gifting clothes to the babies since once they grow up the clothes are of no use. Yet you can consider buying smart dresses for babies as a gift. Through your gift, the baby will get new clothes only for his/her personal use and do not have to wear already used clothes. Nowadays all the big brands are giving special attention to baby clothing and the clothes that are available in the market are becoming trendy and beautiful.

g)     Baby bedding: A wonderful gift item, this comes with mattress, blanket pillows and also mosquito netting. Imagine how peacefully the baby will sleep in that gift of yours. Isnt it a good idea!

h)     Baby bouncers: These are sitting places for babies where they can enjoy themselves by rolling, sitting or bouncing. These resemble a beanbag, but have a belt for the safety of the baby.

i)        Baby jewels: If you do not know what to give the baby but you want to gift him/her something expensive, then go for jewels. They are unique, expensive and will last forever. There are many shops and online sites from which you can buy an expensive jewel for the baby and get remembered through your gift.

So here are some gifts that you can buy for celebrating the arrival of a baby. So next time when you have to get gifts for the babies remember about these options.