How To Keep Your Skin Healthy And Reduce The Process Of Age

By Brown Articles Published 08/20/2011 | Anti Aging

Our skin mirrors the way we live and we cannot hide any bad habits or unhealthy diets, for our skin will immediately react accordingly. Not only can you keep your skin healthy and supple, you can also considerably reduce the signs of age and even attenuate any deeper wrinkles that have already set in.

What You Should Avoid

Smoking destroys your skin cells, especially around the lips and eyes. It will cause discoloration and at times, may even trigger off outbursts of acne. Do not use oil-based products, for these will clog up pores and also promote acne.

Choose facial creams without fragrances and oils, these will nourish your skin and allow it to breath and absorb necessary nutrients. You can wear make up, just make sure you thoroughly cleanse your skin before going to bed, and never forget to add a moisturizing lotion to restore the skins natural oils you have scrubbed off.

When shopping around for the right skin cream, most of the time we forget that the essential issue is to protect our skin from external aggression, such as the suns harmful UV rays and harsh winds. So, whether it is cloudy or sunny, always wear a sunscreen or buy a facial cream that already contains a sunscreen agent. Wash your face every morning with a mild moisturizing soap, and then apply a facial cream, which contains natural ingredients and sunscreen.

How to keep our skin young.

As our skin ages it loses firmness and elasticity, for the skin cells begin to breakdown and our body no longer produces sufficient amounts of collagen and elastin. This eventually shows up on our skin with wrinkles and sagging skin.

Although facial cream helps protect and keep our skin nourished, the best remedy for ageing skin is a healthy and appropriate diet. Most anti-aging creams contain collagen ingredients deriving from animal products. These particles are too big to be absorbed by our skin cells, and are therefore ineffective. Read the ingredients carefully and choose facial cream that contain retinoids to help keep your face firm and reduce age spots, for these elements penetrate both the surface of our skin and the dermis layer underneath renewing the cells on both layers.

Most effective anti-aging creams contain certain ingredients, which protect the skin from external and internal damaging. Choose creams with antioxidants such as vitamins A, B, C, E, beta-carotene, folic acid, glutathione, selenium and zinc. These elements will neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals and form a protective layer over the skin.

Make sure you include plenty of vitamins in your daily diet, especially Vitamins A and E. You will find all the nutrients your skin needs in food types, which include low fat dairy products, cereals, carrots, cod liver oil and leafy vegetables.

Natural antioxidants will protect your skin cells from free radicals that destroy the cells of our skin and body. Excellent natural sources are blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and plums. Pecan nuts, avocados, prunes, black, red and pinto beans are also rich in antioxidants.

Water is at the base of all healthy diets, the more water you drink, the more moisture and natural minerals you will be providing your body with, thus keeping your skin supple and young.