How to Get My Girlfriend Back. Some Valuable Tips To win Her back For Good

By Brown Articles Published 08/20/2011 | Relationships

So here she goes shes actually speaking those dreaded words out loud: We need some time apart to think things out. We can still be friends if you want.  Dont tell me you didnt know it was coming. Dont panic its not too late. You can get your girlfriend back in less than ten days, and this time for good. I took heed to the following advice to get my girlfriend back, and it worked. The sooner you act the more likely you will succeed.

There you are, all alone, shes gone, just like that, and you desperately want your girlfriend back into your arms. You are depressed and shattered, you would do anything to get your girlfriend back. Well dont! Get a grip of yourself before you even think of following any of the advice Im giving you. This emotional unbalance will hinder the way you think and act.

Try and think straight. Ask yourself does my girlfriend still have feelings for me? In most cases, if a relationship has been a serious one, which is probably your case seeing you want your girlfriend back, the answer will be yes. This is the secret to your success. These tips worked for me and they still are!

Ask yourself this. What do women like in men? Well, most of them need a man they can trust and rely on. An independent and trustworthy companion. Have you been just that? I know my girlfriend really appreciates the truth. Be sincere with her, tell her youre sorry about what happened, and that she is right (women love being right!)

Do not beg her to take you back, just admit your fault and show her youre making an effort to change for good. Do not lounge about sulking, on the contrary tell jokes, and be in a good mood when around her. Women love humor, and this will get her thinking, Maybe I have something I should change, not him. This is how I got my girlfriend back!

Try and think back to the time you first met. What was it in you that attracted her in the first place? Try and pull those qualities you once had out from the box! Theyre probably still there; theyre just dormant.

Women also love intrigue. Drop casual anecdotes of the time you spend with your friends, this will arouse her curiosity, shell want to know what youre up to. Keep a veil of mystery around your new life. This will get your girlfriend back in no time.

Be warned women usually start another relationship very soon after a break up, so act fast before its too late, if you really want your girlfriend back.