Learn To Improve concentration And Get Through Your Work Faster And Efficiently

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 08/21/2011 | Self Improvement

Improve concentration right now with a few strategic tips, and help yourself improve memory at the same time.

Do you often find that it is simply impossible to concentrate, both at the office and at home? Unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to have a relaxed and peaceful environment in which to work, so our only solution is to improve concentration abilities and learn how to concentrate wherever we are.

You can actually train yourself at improving concentration capacities, and you will find this will improve memory potential in the bargain!

  • Create a specific workspace; somewhere you will only be working in. When you need a break walk away from there, do not linger to talk or eat in this area.
  • Set yourself a goal and a time lapse, do not work on the same task more than an hour at a time. Improving concentration also involves a change in activity, in order to exercise and oxygenate the brain.
  • Set out short pauses between your working periods, put pressure on yourself to finish tasks within these pauses, thus speeding work output and improving concentration.
  • You need a reward after intense concentration periods, a break or snack, this will help your recharge your batteries.
  • Healthy sleeping habits are essential to improve memory, improve concentration and achieve good work results. Resting and relaxing will greatly improve your concentration abilities.

Be warned that isolating yourself in order to achieve better concentrating conditions, will only create a dependence on peaceful environments, and will not improve concentration. Once you get used to a calm environment, you will find working in normal everyday conditions all the more difficult.

Whatever you do practice and practice again. The more we practice improving concentration, the better we will be at this game.