Some Secret Formulas for Attracting Women

By Brown Articles Published 08/22/2011 | Relationships

Have you ever wished you could you were a pro at attracting women, while maintaining that detached attitude all charismatic men have? The best news is you can, and it is not even difficult to achieve. By following a few simple strategies you can learn how to attract women without any preset routines or preparation.

First of all ask yourself a few crucial questions. What is it women are looking for in me? How can I appear attractive even before I open my mouth? How do I give her just the right amount of attention and leave her wanting more? What should I avoid talking about?

So, before you learn how to attract women you really have to answer these points. Do not worry if you still do not feel confident facing a gorgeous woman. Once you have answered these questions you will be closer to attracting beautiful women.

  • Women are attracted to confident men. You should strive to appear nonchalant and aloof when your gaze first meets hers. Women do not like weak men.
  • The way you look at her or move towards her, or even walk will work towards attracting women. Remember be confident. Looks can carry more weight than words. So before you actually make conversation, work on your magnetic charm!
  • When you do start talking, do not hang from every word she says. Although you might be feeling that way, you should not give her your undivided attention. This does not mean you must be rude and not listen, it simply means listen in a casual way. You watch, she will be striving to get your attention all the more if you use this tactic.
  • Do not talk about yourself; allow a veil of mystery over your person, for three reasons. One, women love men that can listen, two she will be curious to find out more about you and three, you will not be saying something you may regret later!

Always be in control over the situation, this is the key to how to attract women and have them pursue you instead of you having to do all the work!