How to Prevent Your Partner From Being Unfaithful

By Brown Articles Published 08/22/2011 | Love and Marriage

If you do not want your partner or spouse to be unfaithful and cheat on you then avoid trying to catch them or spy on them if they are cheating on you, try and prevent this from happening.

Unfortunately unfaithfulness has destroyed many couples and marriages and is the breaking point between many couples. Unfaithfulness has destroyed many happy families and increased the rate of divorce and can be prevented by following a few simple rules.

Before you can prevent this in your couple, it is essential one understands why it is people cheat on their partner. People are unfaithful because they want to attain sexual or emotional satisfaction. This is true for more than sixty percent of cases of unfaithfulness. There are cases of people cheating to gain financial benefits.

Women and men may fall into the trap of cheating on their husband or wife for financial profit due to money difficulties. This may be caused by various factors, such as when a partner has lost their job or when the person does not have a well-paid job and has to deal with the monthly bills. There are of course cases of people who are greedy for more money, but that is then a problem of unstable character.

However, most people are unfaithful due to lack of sexual satisfaction in marriage or in their relationship. This happens when a couple is faces with an unequal sexual drive. There are people who have a high sexual drive, while others can control their emotions and desires more easily.

A common cause is that men often neglect the sexual needs of their women, as they tend to satisfy themselves without thinking of their wife or girlfriend, which is often caused by lack of knowledge in what a woman really desires. If a man is not able to satisfy his partner then he too is left unsatisfied, which will then result in emotional problems. This is often the case as in a couple what you give to your partner is equal to what you get in return.

This is why it is important to work on the way your sexual relationship evolves and try to focus on experiencing a full sexual involvement as this will allow you to have more confidence and communicate better with your partner, creating a stronger intimacy.

By doing so a relationship will become more generous and closely tied, which will leave no place for unfaithfulness, as the close relationship you have created cannot be repeated with others. Your relationship has then reached a level that is both physical and spiritual, which is a rare and unique union that cannot easily be broken.