How to Keep Your Kitchen Area Clean and Tidy When Preparing Food

By Brown Articles Published 08/26/2011 | Food and Preparation

The first issue to keep in mind when preparing food is that a kitchen is both a place for eating, as well as for preparing food. However, this is not always the case if you have a household full of children. Most parents do almost anything in the kitchen area allowing their children to do homework or play there while they do the cooking, hence the kitchen can be quite easily the most cluttered room in the family home. These few tips will help you get organized quickly.

A kitchen should be a place for preparing meals and not be used as a store room. Go through all the cupboards and take away any old spices that you no longer need along with anything else you have not used for years and that only clutters up space. If you find your drawers are worn out then it is time to re-line them or have new ones put in. You might find your drawer handles are loose and that you do not need new ones fitted in you simply need to tighten the screws.

If you have tons of pots that are taking up too much space, give them a good clean and store them within larger pots of the same kind to free up some room. Then make sure you close the lid on the outer-most pot to make sure dust and little insects do not get inside and contaminate the pots.

To keep things efficient, have a storage cupboard between your dining table and your kitchen sink so you can store your silverware and other frequently used utensils. Get rid of all old plastic containers whose lids no longer seal up properly. Discard the ones with cracks in them too and label the remaining ones so you know what spices are stored within each container more easily.

Get yourself a rack for spices and sort them out in alphabetical order and place them close to your kitchen counter or where you normally prepare the food for cooking. By doing so you will save more time and the post-cooking cleanup will be confined to only a small area of your kitchen.

Tidy up your pantry and get rid of all expired canned foods and other items or products you do not really need or have never used. Divide your canned food into categories, so as to identify them straight away. A pantry can also be a perfect place to store any other items like scissors and any items that can be dangerous for children.

Make sure you store all kitchen electrical equipment or appliances such as toasters away from the dish washing areas to be safe. Move them to your kitchen counter top and store the appliances that you rarely use in the pantry. This keeps the clutter to a minimum and helps you more easily maintain your kitchen in scissors future.