Strategy marketing for Small Businesses

By Brown Articles Published 09/10/2011 | Small Business Issues

After all if nobody knows about your small business you do not have much chance of surviving on the market and may have to close after a few months of activity.

To be able to plan and activate a good marketing strategy you need to know what your industry trends are and what is happening in your business niche now and in the next months as things can change rapidly, so it is essential you keep up to date.

You might find it useful to devise a framework that can help you keep up with what is happening around you as far as political trends go, as these issues may influence your business. You should be aware of how stable your country is and at what point is your country is as far as elections cycles are concerned, for elections can influence the general mood. You may also find it is a good idea to meet with your political representative and talk about your concerns and business issues.

Make sure that the political party you support has a positive attitude towards small businesses and considers them as a vibrant part of the countrys economy and an asset to the country. This may help you promote your cause concerning unnecessary regulations and rules that hinder the progress of small businesses. Find out what support you may be able to obtain as far as training funds and grants are concerned.

Find out about taxes as many countries help small businesses as far as tax rules are concerned, supporting the owners if they decide to sell their business in order to benefit from profitable allowances. The best step to take is to find an accountant that has a good reputation with the tax authorities.

There have been difficulties for years now to find a balance between rights of employees and employers. Most start up businesses tend to be one man enterprises so these issues may not weigh too heavily but they are certainly more relevant as the business grows.

There has been a raft of legislation coming out of the European Union that has imposed layers of bureaucracy and unavoidable cost on businesses of all sizes- which is disproportionately punitive for small companies. These include the Minimum Wage, the Working Week Directive, rules on maternity and paternity rights and the setting of Employment Tribunals.

Profit for profit's sake is generally no longer acceptable, as it depends on the prevailing social, cultural and business norms of the country you are carrying out your business in. You really need to apply a wider perspective if you are planning to launch a small business.

Businesses need to recognize the impact they have, for example, on the environment, consumers, employees, and the communities in which they operate.