Fashion Mistakes Women Should Avoid

By Brown Articles Published 09/11/2011 | Women Fashion

If you are one of those working women or mums that gets around and about every day then you will probably have encountered quite a few disasters as far as fashion combinations go. There are so many women that make bad fashion arrangements, and it is quite surprising considering how fashion-centered most women are.

However, in most cases fashion mistakes are the result of absentmindedness and negligence rather than actual lack of knowledge. If you do make a habit of being forgetful then in can become ingrained and therefore you may be one of those that really do make serious mistakes when dressing.

If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, the best way is to keep your mind fresh and look through magazines and fashion periodicals. Look out for mistakes and keep alert or follow the list of the most common you should avoid.

Too much make up is a recurring mistake. The impression people will get is that you use make up to hide defects. So it is a shame to overdo it if this is not your case, as you are simply hiding your natural beauty. Some women do not even need make up and they may end up with the opposite effect they wished to obtain.

An overload in accessories is another common mistake, which is a habitual teenage trend. This age group has a fad for accessories and easily exaggerates by wearing too much of these items. It can pass when you are a teenager, but as an adult woman it really should be avoided. Adding too many accessories will diminish you as a person and create an overall imbalance.

Color clashed are also frequent, as women think that wearing clashing colors renders them bold, creating an effect of power. This wrong balance in color can lead women to be walking fashion disasters. Stick to colors that look good together and avoid excessive experimenting with too many color combinations. If you focus on a moderate contrast in colors and a good balance you will find the result pleasing, enhancing your overall look. Keep away from too much contrast between black and white or combinations of pink and yellow. If you do not want to make fashion mistakes keep your color combination a moderate one.

Similar to color mismatch, which can make you look dull instead of bold, so can clashes in style. A common example may be that of a woman trying to combine animal or flower prints with classic dress code. Wearing an evening dress with an animal print will simply not do, it will never work, whatever you do. Therefore, be careful of how you combine your styles and make a clear distinction between classic wear and modern or casual outfits.

We can all make fashion mistakes and to avoid these, all it takes is a little effort to develop a natural flair for what does and does not look good.