Fashion Trends for Women Over Forty

By Brown Articles Published 09/11/2011 | Women Fashion


Color trends change according to the season, so make sure you follow the latest color fashion for the season you are dressing in. Avoid colors that make your skin look sallow and which do not compliment your skin tone, as these could add years to your overall look and drain your natural color. Pastel colors are not advisable for more mature women, who should make their color choice based on their eye color. Bold colors such as maroon, gold and olive add an air of sophistication and are a good choice if you want to appear elegant and strong-willed.


Although people cannot see the underclothing you are wearing, these items may influence the way your clothes look. A badly fitting bra can alter the way your clothes fit you, so make sure you wear the right sized bra, which will enhance the top you are wearing.


You really should opt for a stylish hair do, for example a classic bob will suit most women. To make sure you choose the right hairstyle, as a professional who can give you some good advice to match the shape of your face and enhance your beauty. A professional hairstyle can make you look much younger.

Do dont underestimate a good pedicure and manicure as well-looked after feet and hands show people that you really care about your appearance.

Make Up

Get rid of any old make up you have stored away, as all cosmetics should be replaced regularly and the brushes used to apply these, washed.

During the day, choose a more natural look and apply make-up lightly. If you are dressing for an evening event, you should either choose to enhance your eye make-up or your lips, and avoid over-doing both.

Dress Choice

A classic dress always shows off your assets better than any other dress style. If you choose an A-line dress you will usually find that it will flatter all figures, as the waistline comes above your natural waist area, resting just under the bust line. This type of dress is ideal for shorter women with a few extra pounds to hide, as it slims down your figure and camouflages thicker waists and large hips.


The choice of a handbag depends on your body type. You should prefer a bag shape that creates a contrast with your body. If you are a tall woman with a slim figure choose a round shaped bag and slouch look, while a more voluptuous woman should go for rectangular shaped bags.

Trousers and Tops

As far as the choice of tops is concerned a classic shirt or longer length top is the best choice. These styles will make women look slimmer, while tight tops will enhance defects. Trousers should be fit to flatter your body and give you an elegant silhouette, with a feminine line.

Note that your posture is important, so walk tall and confident that you are an attractive forty plus woman and proud of your look.