Tips for Womens Fashion Accessories

By Brown Articles Published 09/11/2011 | Women Fashion

Womens fashion cannot simply be defined as clothing items that follow the latest trends in dress code, a fashionable woman is one who associates a specific style with her personality and style. A working woman that lives in an urban milieu should find a good balance between the latest fashion trends and her character.

The choice of the latest fashion clothes items will also greatly depend on the skin tone, body frame, personal attitude and comfort required. So choose your clothes keeping these four key points in mind.

Skin Tone

A woman with a fair complexion looks great in copper or gold tones, both for clothing and accessories, while bolder colors such as maroon and dark copper look better on darker complexions. It your skin is a medium colored shade, choose white or beige. Never have colors clash with one another and try to use the same color scheme for tops and bottoms, as well as shoes and handbags.

Body Frames

If you have a more voluptuous body you should avoid clothes with sleeveless cuts and try to purchase items with light shades, vertical lines and small prints, as these give you a slimmer look. Avoid heavy material, such as heavy cotton fabric and choose georgette or chiffon fabric instead.

Personal Attitude and Comfort

When you are deciding on what style best suits you, it is important to consider your comfort level as well as your personal attitude and statement you wish to make. Imagine fidgeting all day in your new clothes because they are simply so uncomfortable you cannot wait to get them off. Wearing an outfit that is uncomfortable, even though it makes you look stunning is not a good idea.

The style you choose should be comfortable and represent your personality. So, choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in, both because it feels right and because you can wear it comfortably all day long.


The range of woman fashion accessory is so wide ranging it becomes downright baffling. It encompasses anything you can think of from head to foot. You can choose from handbags to wrist watches, from anklets to bracelets, or again from glasses to belts, shawls, shoes, stoles and the list continues. You can make a dress or suit you have look quite different by adding or changing an accessory.

 Today's women like to keep up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, have clearly understood the impact accessories have. Women's fashion accessories will always be trendy. Instead of a buying a new suit every year or season, try purchasing a classic suit and add or take away accessories, without having to buy too many different suits. These accessories are all great fashion aids that help you enhance your personality and body.